Newsletter April 2020

Table Grace makes a difference in my life

By D. Kevin Williams

"I tell you Simone my experience at Table Grace Is truly something remarkable. When I'm feeling down and I come to the cafe I leave a lot lighter. Thank you. For your ministry, your mission, and your friendship." I sent this text Thursday, February 6, 2020 after sharing my personal history and a meal at the restaurant having recently experienced a particularly rough patch. When I was asked to become part of the Table Grace Board of Directors my initial thought was, "What can I possibly bring to the 'Table'?" Well, I'm still figuring things out. I do know this...God has a plan. He seemingly has a sense of humor too. I was introduced to the Webers through my youngest living son's kindergarten teacher, Ronnie Schacht (two years ago) son is now twenty-four. Ronnie knew I am an actor, and so she gave my name to Simone as a potential member of the cast of Table Grace the Musical. Several months and staged readings later another ministry of which I am part, God's Deliverance Saints musical group “Thee Amigos” was asked to be the music guests for Table Grace’s 2019 annual fundraiser.

Fast forward to 2020 for which I had been asked to host as emcee. Now I don't understand how divine intervention works, but I'm a blood-bought die hard believer. And I don't say that just because I'm a "P-K" (Pastor’s kid). For the 2020 Table Grace Fundraiser volunteers and auction participants were asked to be at St. Thomas Church by 3:30pm. I had quite a few errands to run that day including leading a guided tour at Love Jazz and Arts Center, picking up dry cleaning etc... Approximately 30 miles worth of travel in my 1999 Ford Expedition which has had its issues during the time which I've had it. As I pulled into the parking lot of the church my wheel fell completely off! The lugnuts had completely broken and of course I was blocking most traffic in the parking lot. I have to thank God that it wasn't on my way to the church on the interstate or something worse. However that was not my only blessing. The angel on my shoulder continued to show itself this time in the form of one Ron Hug..owner of City Taxi. I went on with the event as the emcee and made the story about my wheel falling off and parking directly in front of the door part of my commentary to the guests as a laughable moment. Ron Hug was part of the crowd at the Table Grace event. At one point in the evening after hearing of my difficulty he and his crew agreed to repair my vehicle where it no charge! God is working in miraculous ways through Table Grace and I intend to allow Him to use me working with this blessed organization.

Gala 2020

Staff quotes during Covid19 social distancing season

“We miss you!” Mary Ziska
“There are a few people who trickle in each day but the vibe of Table Grace is very different. Last Wednesday was our busiest day so far. People come, order and walk out the door. The tables are empty. It’s sad. We do have the opportunity to educate people about what is going on. Some people that are not in the shelters don’t have the news as readily as others and so are unaware of the restrictions.” Stacey Piper 
1) Initially, I didn’t think too much about distancing. I just stayed focused on number of people in Café and guests sitting at separate tables, but still being able to talk to them and help people out. Now it is very different with fewer people coming in. And only really talking with people when taking an order or handing out food. And now I make sure I’m consciously aware of distance and sanitized of surfaces.
2) People do seem glad that they can come in and get lunch. Each day a few people still ask if there’s a chore they can do anyway. Gail, so enjoys being able to come every day and have her favorite—soup!!
Also, a man from San Diego who was in town in for work — so the city was unfamiliar, stopped in and was glad he could get a good salad to go, as well as hear about Table Grace and our purpose.
3) What is challenging is not being able to spend time talking and interacting with the customers like we do normallly.
4) Knowing the people who come in are largely patient and understand the situation, yet are thankful to be there and see us. And most still offer a donation.
5) I’m very thankful to be able to work. And that those who come in are happy we are open!!
 Cathryn Jordan